Teachers at Almost Home


Debra Stanley,


Debra Stanley, owner and director of Almost Home, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Birth-Kindergarten Education from Catawba College and an MBA from Winston Salem State University.  In high school, Ms. Debra had a dream to open her own child care center and in 1994, she made that a reality with her husband of 32 years, Glen (realtor).  She has three children and six (+2 on the way) grandchildren.  Ms. Debra truly loves Almost Home and every child that has walked through the doors over the years.  She is very personable, listening to parents, teachers, and children, striving to meet their needs in whatever way she can, from lending a listening ear to offering weekend care.  Ms. Debra loves her caring and devoted staff.  Knowing how important consistency is for children, Ms. Debra works very hard to keep her teachers and has had some of her teachers since very shortly after she opened.  Ms. Debra enjoys the nature of her position and the diversity it brings.  She can be found grocery shopping, bringing the teachers breakfast, reading to the 3-year old class, caring for a sick child, helping to prepare lunch, and feeding an infant all before her lunchtime.  Ms. Debra also has served on the Smart Start Board, is a member of the North Carolina License Child Care Association, and a member of the Davie County Chamber of Commerce.  Ms. Debra is a graduate of the Leadership Davie class of 1997.  She is a member at First United Methodist Church

Ethel Wilson is our most veteran first shift teacher.  Ms. Ethel has been been with the Almost Home family since the beginning; she started in 1995.  She is married to Harold and they have a large family, including 10 kids and 12 grandkids.  Ms. Ethel earned a plaque for over Ten Years of Outstanding Service as the 4 year-old teacher and currently serves in the 3-year old class.  Ms. Ethel is truly a gem to Almost Home.  She has always kept a good relationship with the parents and other teachers.  Because Ms. Ethel has been with Almost Home for so long, she also has a special relationship with Debra and all of the Stanley family.

Pat Allen, also a veteran teacher, has been caring for kids at Almost Home since 1996, two years after we opened.  Ms. Pat has been married to her husband Gary since 1973.  She has two children and four grandchildren.  Known for her dependability and devotion to Almost Home, Ms. Pat is the 3-year old teacher.  She is one of the first teachers that the kids see in the morning because Ms. Pat is the bright-eyed 5 am opener.  Throughout the day, Ms. Pat can often be found holding and consoling a kid or doing a creative art project with her 3-year old class. 

Shannon Parker, NC Pre-K Lead teacher, is married to her husband John.  They have three boys JP, Christian, and Luke.   Ms. Shannon earned her Associate of Arts in Early Childhood in 2008 and in 2010 earned her Bachelors degree and license in Birth-Kindergarten Education from Catawba College.  Ms. Shannon has worked in several classrooms since she started at Almost Home in 2000, in addition to helping Ms. Debra with director duties.  Ms. Shannon brings wisdom to Almost Home and she is great at keeping up with all of the paperwork that comes with running a child care center.

Jessie Bracken is married and a mother to Julia and Nora.  She is also the daughter of Debra Stanley.  Ms. Jessie has been working at Almost Home since 2003, though she volunteered earlier. Ms. Jessie has Child Care Credentials and her Infant/Toddler Certificate from Davidson County Community College.  Ms. Jessie brings a lot of enthusiasm to Almost Home. She works as the infant teacher and the infant toddler coordinator.  More times than she likes to admit, she has been asked to hold the reins for Ms. Debra to enjoy a vacation or have surgery.  When Ms. Debra is out, Ms. Jessie understands why it is so difficult to tell an inquiring parent that we are unable to help them.

Sabrina Briceno, is the NC PreK co-lead teacher with Ms. Shannon.  She has been a part of the Almost Home family since 2003.  She lives with her daughter Natalie, husband Jay, his children, and a little one on the way.  Ms. Sabrina earned her Associate of Arts in Early Childhood in 2008 and in 2010 received her Bachelors in Birth-Kindergarten Education from Catawba College.  Ms. Sabrina is a very warm and comforting teacher and is committed to getting the four-year olds ready for kindergarten. 

Jane Heiner is our most veteran teacher, having worked second shift at Almost Home since we opened in 1994.  In fact, Ms. Jane helped Debra prepare to open the center.  Ms. Jane has two children and five grandchildren.  She has a Level III Early Childhood Certificate as well as an Early Childhood Assistant Certificate working on her Associate degree.  Ms. Jane is very dependable and hard-working and brings a lot of experience to Almost Home. Ms. Jane is semi-retired from Almost Home, but she is ever-ready when Ms. Debra asks for help!

Emily Hogue joined the Almost Home family in 2008.  She is an excellent infant teacher and expanded her expertise as a teacher of the threes during the summer of 2011.  She has two adult children, Shakeya, and Tony, and twin grandchildren.  Ms. Emily has taken Child Care Credentials and Creative Learning.  She loves working with the children aiding in their social development as she works hard to teach them how to share with each other.

Stacey Shores began being part of the Almost Home family as a child, but more recently in 2008, Stacey began working at Almost Home.  She is awesome with the older ones.  Ms. Stacey is a mother to Ethan and Thomas.  She has earned her Child Care Credentials and taken several classes through Smart Start.  The children in her class are very prepared as they enter the two year old class.  Ms. Stacey does a great job of keeping the center clean and safe for the children and is also very flexible and willing to fill in wherever she is needed. 

Sue Phillips has been working at Almost Home since 2002.  She has her 1-year certificate and Child Care Credentials.  Ms. Sue is the backbone of the second shift program at Almost Home.  She has a lot of personality and really enjoys having fun with the kids.  You may get to hear her Donald Duck imitation.  Ms. Sue is the closer and is the last person to leave at night if we close since we are sometimes open third shift. 

Allie Myrick has been part of the Almost Home family since she was a toddler.  Now she is attending UNC-G we are proud to have her working with us during her breaks from school.  Allie was hired to help in the office, but she also can be seen doing many other tasks and is excellent as a substitute in any classroom that needs her.

Christina Leazer joined our Almost Home family in November of 2013.  She started out in the two year old room, visited the three year old room room and decided her niche was with the twos.  Christina is working on her Associates of Early Childhood degree at Forsyth Tech.  Our favorite things about Christina is how she interacts with the kids and the great lessons she does with them.  We are happy to have Christina!

Ms. Katrina Dwiggins has been a part of our Almost Home family since 2012.  Ms. Katrina married CJ since becoming a part of our family.  She is very close to finishing her bachelor’s degree from Winston-Salem State University with a double major in Birth-Kindergarten Education and Child Care Administration.  Fall 2015 semester you may not see much of her while she completes her student teaching as required for her birth-kindergarten teaching license.  Ms. Katrina can be found in any room at any time.

Kaitlin Lanier, a junior at Davie High, joined our Almost Home family in April of 2014.  In the afternoons, you can see Kaitlin doing a variety of important and necessary tasks including but not limited to: laundry, doing dishes, preparing snack, and of course our favorite thing to watch her do, assist in a classroom.  First shift appreciates her extra energy in the afternoon.

Ms. Tammy Jones joined Almost Home in June 2014 as the cook and afternoon teacher.  She has worked as a second shift teacher and is an awesome teacher of any age.  She is now the “regular” teacher in the three year old room.  She and her husband enjoy raising and training hunting dogs.